Friday, 25 May 2012

The Jubilee Time Capsule - Your chance to add a memory

The Royal Commonwealth Society is currently working with our partners at the National Express Group to help create the world's largest history project - The Jubilee Time Capsule - and they would really like as many people involved as possible.

The Jubilee Time Capsule is creating a unique online archive that will allow people from across the UK, the Commonwealth and indeed the world to upload their personal memories, photographs and videos from any date during the last 60 years to

These memories do not have to be directly about Her Majesty The Queen or the Royal Family, in fact they can be about any significant moment that people feel that they want to record and save for future generations.

National Express is proudly supporting the Royal Commonwealth Society during this historic year and their bus, coach and rail services will help thousands of people take part in celebrations across the country during both the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics.

Recent memories uploaded included comments from Prince Harry about his recent overseas tour to the Caribbean and a 92 year old World War II hero who has only recently revealed his exploits of flying a spitfire in a top-secret mission that changed the course of World War II. Eric Carter is now advising other pensioners to log on or to get family to record their own personal memories for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

They would love as many people as possible to be part of this digital Diamond Jubilee project by uploading your memory and by issuing the attached press release urging your constituents to do the same.