Monday, 18 June 2012

Consumer Focus has launched a new online FAQ on smart meters

Consumer Focus has launched a new online FAQ on smart meters. It aims to help your constituents, caseworkers and consumers understand what having a smart meter will mean for them.

Nearly half of consumers (48 per cent) have not heard of smart meters – despite a nationwide roll-out starting in just under two years and around half a million new meters already installed.

Our simple guide answers many of the questions you may already be receiving from your constituents – what they should expect to get from their supplier, their rights, and the pros and cons of getting one of these meters early. As with any new technology there are potential benefits such as accurate bills and opportunities to help save money on energy bills, but there are also new issues that may affect your constituents to be aware of.

The FAQ are grouped under different sections, click on the links below to find out more. The full advice guide is available here: Go smart get smart – June 2012 (PDF 319 KB)

About smart meters
Benefits and disadvantages of smart meters
Privacy and security issues
Switching supplier
Installation visit
Energy displays

Here’s a short video explaining what to expect when a smart meter is installed in the home: