Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Generation rent being pushed into poor housing

There has been a lot in the media recently about so-called ‘generation rent’ – and the increasing market-domination of the private rented sector. A study by the Joseph Rowntree foundation found that by 2020 the number of home owners under 30 will fall from 2.4m to 1.3m – which amounts to a drop of 46%. The report also predicts that 400,000 young people will be “excluded completely”; unable to afford either to rent or buy.

I have expressed my concerns about the private rented sector many times in the past. Though it can provide a certain amount of flexibility to tenants, the private rented sector is expensive, often rife with poor standards and no accountability of the landlords to tenants.

Grant Shapps has again been putting out positive messages about the Government’s record on this. Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey sums it up perfectly: “The £4bn cut to the affordable housing budget has been a disaster, yet Grant Shapps spins a tale that things are getting better.”