Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hyndburn residents are in one of England’s highest repossession risk areas

Hyndburn residents are in one of England’s highest repossession risk areas

Hyndburn has one of the highest proportions of homeowners at risk of repossession compared to other local authority areas.

This follows the data released last week which made the front page of Guardian (Tues 19th June) – here and here which stated that 30% of all households in Hyndburn (second on the list of vulnerability in the UK) are at risk of slipping into 'official poverty'. Described as just ‘one bill away’.

Shelter’s new research reveals the numbers of households that have been issued with mortgage possession claims in each local authority in England during 2011/12. We hope this research helps you to anticipate the support your residents may need and consider whether your local services will be able to cope with the increased demand.

Whilst the figures appear low per 100 households, 1 in 200 the reality is people in Hyndburn are really struggling highlighted by the data next week.

The Government has to adopt a plan for growth and jobs and economic recovery. Austerity alone is not working. This months treasurey figures shows the prioce of economic failure is not cutting the deficit but is pushing the deficit up, government borrowing is increasing whilst consumer demand and money in family budgets is decreasing.

Get advice from Shelter

If any of your residents are struggling with mortgage costs or any other housing issue please encourage them to get advice from Shelter.

See the true scale of the problem in Hyndburn here.
Number of mortgage possession claims, 2011/12: 175
Rate of possession claims per 1,000 homes, 2011/12: 5.59
National rank (rates of mortgage claims per 1,000 homes) out of 324 local authorities in England: 21
Losing your home is a devastating experience few of us ever expect to face. But high costs of living, increasing unemployment and rising mortgage costs mean that many people are living close to the edge, and risk falling into a spiral of debt and repossession.

Mortgages are the single largest monthly expense for many homeowners. At a time when so much attention is being given to the rising cost of essentials such as food and energy, it is vital that housing costs are given as much consideration by political leaders to stop more people having to go through the nightmare of losing their home.