Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Keep Renting Safe Campaign

I am supporting the Keep Renting Safe Campaign, which has been started by the National Private Tenants Organisation – a group representing the interests of those living in the private rented housing sector.

The campaign calls for compulsory inspections of the electrical installations and appliances supplied to tenants by landlords in all privately rented homes – not just HMOs.

The Electrical Safety Council has found that of all the people receiving an electric shock , private tenants are disproportionately affected: with 16% of the UK population living in private rented properties , they account for 20% of UK adults receiving an electric shock.

In 2008 a young mother living in Cornwall was electrocuted and died in a bath due to a faulty heater and lack of earthing in the property. The deputy Coroner said "There is no requirement for periodic inspections of electricity in homes and that to me seems inexplicable. I'm bound to wonder how many other properties are today in a similar state as this one was."