Friday, 1 June 2012

Lancashire's £32m Rural Broadband Project

UPDATE: Top 20 wealthiest wards In Lancashire (all rural) / Top 20 most deprived (all urban) with tables showing those rural wards increased their income during the recession whilst the the poorest saw their income fall.

It would seem odd individuals are letting their imagination run away from themselves. Magazines too seem to be writing articles about SFRB and attribute my Lancashire quotes to their area which is misleading. 

Ironically, I am all  in favour of rural broadband but let’s see the private sector deliver it where it can be delivered through TIFs and other private finance leverging.

My concerns are different concerns. They are neither about SFRB per se or broadband outside of Lancashire.  My concern is VFM economic development.

I don’t know enough to comment about national rural broadband issues. Every area is different.

The Tory led Lancashire County Council seem to think that in Lancashire £32m grant to  some of the most affluent places in Britain is the right thing to do. In austere times when East Lancashire is not doing well I do not think £4.7m partly from the most deprived East Lancashire communities through council tax should be going to this project and I make the case that LCC should be seeking  EU monies for more vital infrastructure investment and looking towards the private sector to deliver SFRB.

I know this is not the story people may have read and then got irate about but it’s the only story I am concerned about. I am sorry other people have misrepresented my interests but hopefully this puts it straight.