Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Worry over health care reforms & Great Harwood Health Centre

I have campaigned for a new health centre at Great Harwood since becoming MP. Last month I received a reply form both the Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley and the PCT giving a commitment to the progression of the scheme.

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However I am concerned when the PCT fold next April under the health care reforms that the project is transferred to a national quango, PropCo.

Last month I spoke out about this in the House of Commons;

"I want to mention briefly my concern about Great Harwood health centre, because it has been transferred to PropCo. It was built under the LIFT initiative. On several occasions we have thought that it will happen and then that it will not happen. We are now at a stage where we think it will happen and £10 million has been set aside by the PCT. However, all that money is to subsumed into a Whitehall quango called PropCo, which will decide how it will be spent. I would appreciate a commitment from the Deputy Leader of the House on whether PropCo will carry through the decisions that have been agreed with local people and the PCT."

The wasn't an answer and thats worrying. I will be  writing to Andrew Lansley to confirm that funding for the health centre will be ring fenced and protected for Great Harwood.