Sunday, 24 June 2012 - Labour’s NHS Check Report - Cameron’s Health Lottery

Dear Graham,

In 2012, the NHS has shot back up the agenda - and you helped put it there.

By signing petitions and campaigning in every part of the country earlier this year, we put enormous pressure on the Government over its plans for our NHS.

Sadly, they rammed it through. But Labour wants to keep together the coalition of people who fought for our NHS when it mattered most.

Today I’ve released the first edition of Labour’s NHS Check Report - Cameron’s Health Lottery.

Recently over a thousand people have come together and used the NHS Check website, to share their experience of the NHS frontline. We used the information shared to survey all parts of the health service and today’s results show the NHS restricting access to 125 different treatments since this Government came to power. Ministers are leaving patients with the agonising choice of paying for private treatment or going without.

Each month we will expose the gap between Ministers’ rhetoric and what’s really happening in our NHS.

You can take a look at the first NHS Check report in full here, and share your NHS experiences at

Andy Burnham