Friday, 20 July 2012

Eastgate Retail Park - car parking charlatans

There seems to be an issue with rescinding car parking charges on East Gate Retail Park between the dates of the 2nd June and the 8th July. Both companies are acting in a disreputable and greedy manner;
  1. Those who have not paid contact me as your MP or the Council. Excel have stated they will not fine these persons.

    However people are still be told by Excel front line staff to pay despite the recent agreement not to pursue them. John Williams the MD at Aston Rose and Excel parking having have both been made aware of the current situation and there seems little effort or will to resolve this matter. Perhaps the greedy profits are more important.
  2. Those who have paid must appeal and there is confusion as to whether the company will refund the fine. There is real confusion as to whether they will actually receive a refund.

    The Council have spoken to both Aston Rose (owners) and Excel parking this week regarding the car park. They seemed to have reached an impasse i.e. they cannot seem to agree a way forward. 
Excel say their front line staff are asking all people who call to ‘write in’ and appeal. They say these are not being actioned yet and they are gathering them together so when a decision is made they know who to contact. Again, I would advise people to go to the money saving expert website as there is a particular way to appeal in terms of wording etc.

If you are aware of advice being given by Excel which is contrary to this information i.e. they are still informing people to pay then please let me know immediately.

I think this may drag on for a while yet.