Thursday, 5 July 2012

Parking at Eastgate Retail Park

Parking at Eastgate Retail Park

Council Leader, Cllr Miles Parkinson, spoke today about the parking situation on the private car park at Eastgate Retail Park.

Cllr Parkinson said; "We've had lots of people getting in touch, distressed and angry after receiving parking fines on this private car park after the letting agents introduced a new car parking scheme there. Although this is a private car park we've been speaking to the letting agents and Excel, the car parking company they employ, on a daily basis and they have listened very carefully and sympathetically to the concerns raised.

The great news is the letting agents and Excel Parking have agreed to cancel all tickets issued between 2nd June 2012 and 8th July 2012. This issue of tickets which have already been paid for is currently being looked into by the letting agents and the car park company and we will issue a release and put information on our website as soon as we know.

After further consultation with the retailers on Eastgate the other fantastic piece of news is the owners have agreed to revert back to the original 'free parking' period of 3 hours, from 9th July 2012, enforcement will then take place for anyone parking for longer than 3 hours. The owners would also like to stress the car park should only be used by shoppers visiting retailers at Eastgate.

Councillor Parkinson concluded; "This is a real victory for common sense. The scheme has caused a lot of anxiety and stress for many local people and we are really pleased the owners and car park company have listened to concerns and come to this decision. As always, we welcome visitors to Accrington to enjoy the free parking and wonderful shopping experience in our Town Centre shops and the Market."