Friday, 10 August 2012

Eastgate Retail Park - Latest

Two people visited my constituency office concerning what appears to be an oversight on behalf of EXCEL car parking enforcement and Aston Rose, the letting agent in which the two received £100 final demand notices despite being reassured they would not have to pay.

On behalf of residents I have contacted Mr James Coulling at Aston Rose who will ensure that these names are removed if they were issued tickets between the 2nd June and the 8th July.

I raised with Mr Coulling the issue of refunds for those who had paid and he has reassured me those that have paid will receive a refund. I'd like to thank James at Aston Rose for his honesty and for his concern and I hope this will be the end of the matter.

If anyone 1) has already paid we need your name and address for a refund, 2) has received a £100 final demand notice - do not pay and provide my office with your name and address.

It remains unlikely that these tickets can be enforced, though that would be subject to a civil court case, because the company would have to prove 'loss of earnings' and in a sea of free parking in Accrington that may prove a difficult case to make. It is each persons own responsibility to decide whether to pay or not as this is a private matter on a private car park between the individual and the company concerned.

I and the Labour Council believe such predatory business practices are wrong and whilst a private matter, are fully supportive of residents caught out by the reduced maximum hours which resulted in the mass £60 ticketing.

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From: Rob Grigorjevs []
Sent: 10 August 2012 13:57
Cc: Miles Parkinson; Clare Pritchard; Steve Tanti
Subject: RE: Eastgate

Hi Viv/Graham,
I've been talking to Peter Hallam at Excel Parking
They are running a check on their system to see how many of these letters have gone out so they can rectify the situation.
He has asked for details of the two people we have details of so they can reconcile them with their check & call them to explain they don't need to pay it. Can you send them to me & I'll forward them on?
He assured me that the credit rating of people will not be affected as this can only happen once a case has been to Court and a CCJ passed against them. I asked this be put into any statement to reassure people.
Rob Grigorjevs
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From: PRESTON, Viv []
Sent: 10 August 2012 12:27
To: Rob Grigorjevs
Subject: Eastgate
Hi Rob 
Just to say that Graham has spoken to a Director at Aston Rose. John Williams would appear to be out of the office and James Coulling was helpful on the face of things and said that he will speak to John about the situation as soon as he can. He also agreed to contact Excel about the two constituents who have received final demands – he appears to agree that they should not have done so. If you know of anyone else that has received a final demand if you let me have the details I will pass them on to Aston Rose. 
Kind Regards 
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