Saturday, 1 September 2012

Update on Nook Lane from Hyndburn Council

As of this morning Friday 17th August, all of the waste material have been removed from site. The Landfill waste transfer notes have indicated a few tons short of 4000 tons across the both site. The waste was classed as none hazardous domestic / commercial waste.

Blakeleys are still on site caring out a litter picking exercise to ensure that any material that may have been blown about is collected and placed in one of their own skips.

It is important that residents are warned of the dangers on site and the clear advice is not to enter. As you can see from the attached photo that there are two substantial pits, plus unguarded pools, together with several uncovered man holes.

Nook Lane has never had planning permission from Lancashire County Council however it has had a permit from Environment Agency for inert waste only. This was withdrawn with immediate effect.

Hyndburn Borough Council as a the co-ordinating authority as Nook Lane is within the Borough is responsible for any infestation through its environmental health obligations. This it has been doing with pesticide to control the flies.

The responsibility for the waste is the landowners (Lock Mount Gate) though the transportation company Blakeley's are classed as the waste producer and also responsible. An estimate of the cost of removal so far is in the region of £300,000. 

Monks of Blackburn, the hauliers removing the household waste (at Whinney Hill) have had no previous involvement. The grabber on site is Blakeleys and the first dozen lorries that deposited waste at Pilsworth were JWT.

The cloudy water that has been seen on the site been looked at and is being analysed but it appears to be chemicals seeping from the site. The hole where waste was initially buried and which is being removed as flooded and it appears groundwater is leaking form this area.

The Environment Agency and Hyndburn Borough Council will continue to monitor the site. The EA will be updating their web site information on Monday.

I have posted the latest information from the EA a few days agin in response to a video highlighting several issues including the cloudy black water seeping from the site.

I will be going on site again with the Leader of the Council Miles Parkinson to inspect the site.