Monday, 17 September 2012


Thank you for your email dated 11 September 2012 regarding Transdev Lancashire United's revisions to commercial bus services in the Accrington area from 16 September 2012.

I appreciate the concerns you have raised on behalf of constituents about Transdev's decision to withdraw their commercial daily evening Hyndburn Circular journeys between Blackburn and Accrington via Rishton, Great Harwood and Clayton-le-Moors, and the difficulties this would create locally.

However, I can now confirm that following on-bus surveys and the examination of electronic ticket machine data, Lancashire County Council has arranged to subsidise the Monday to Saturday evening Hyndburn Circular journeys which were proposed for withdrawal.

This decision means that communities in Clayton-le-Moors, Great Harwood and Rishton will continue to receive an hourly Monday to Saturday evening service from 17 September providing links to both Accrington and Blackburn. The new subsidised service will be operated by Transdev Lancashire United on behalf of Lancashire County Council.

I am sure that the reinstatement of these journeys after 1930 hours will be welcomed locally, and I attach a copy of a cabinet report which details the other revisions Transdev intend to introduce from the same date. I hope that this clarifies the current position but if you have any further queries, please let me know.

Yours sincerely
Jo Turton  Executive Director for the Environment

Sent: 11 September 2012 11:17
To: Kirby, Mike
Subject: Bus services in Hyndburn

Dear Mike,

I have been contacted by several constituents regarding bus services in Hyndburn being withdrawn.

Would you be able to confirm which (if any) services are being considered/planned for withdrawal in Hyndburn, in particular the Hyndburn Circular service?

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing back from your office.

Graham Jones MP