Monday, 24 September 2012

Warm Front underspend - More people now elegible

Dear Mr Jones, I wanted to write to alert you to a new awareness campaign on the Warm Front scheme from Consumer Focus, Citizens Advice, Age UK and National Children’s Bureau which we launched last week.
Crucially the eligibility criteria for help under Warm Front has broadened from the 12 September. So even if someone has been turned down before, they may be able to get free help this year.
Why are we launching this campaign now

The Government’s Warm Front scheme was under-spent by over £50m in the last financial year, in large part due to poor promotion of the scheme, and claim rates are low again this year.

It is particularly important that as many people as possible are encouraged to get help from Warm Front now, as it is the final year of the scheme.

How can Warm Front help?

A cold home can damage your health. It can harm your circulation system, including your heart, and worsen colds, rheumatism, and conditions like asthma.

Warm Front can help by offering heating and insulation improvements. Not only can these improvements keep the people helped by the scheme warm and healthier, it could also save up to £600 off their energy bills each year.

These measures are free to most people who receive help from the scheme. Alternative schemes are offered in Scotland and Wales.
Where can I find out more?

A dedicated pack for MPs is available which includes:

Background information
A template press release to support the campaign
An A5 leaflet
A4 and A3 posters
If you have a constituent with an energy or post related problem our dedicated Executive Liaison Team within the Extra Help Unit can help. Our senior caseworkers will provide advice, or where appropriate use our established high level contacts within the service providers to raise a formal complaint and ensure the best outcome for your constituents.

You can contact the Extra Help Unit on 0844 980 0041 (9am- 5pm Mon-Fri), by e-mail via, or by post at Executive Liaison Team, Consumer Focus, Royal Exchange House, 100 Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3DN. Please note as we are only resourced to accept referrals the number should not be passed on to members of the public.

Our MP’s Warm Front pack and information about our Extra Help Unit can also be accessed through the Elected Officials area<> on Consumer Focus’s website. The login details are: Username: cfelectedofficial10 Password: d7ajaTrA

If you have any other questions, about this campaign, or any other aspect of Consumer Focus work, please feel free to contact me.

James Court
Policy Manager

0207 799 7932 /
07771 345 973