Friday, 28 September 2012

Womens Centre, Accrington - Raising money raising awareness

Hello all, We’re really pleased to let you know that we are one of just ten organisations who have been selected to take part in a national “Crowdfunding Challenge” which is being organised by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). It’s a new way of fundraising which makes use of your social (real and online!) contacts and local community…

How Does It Work?

Each member of the ‘crowd’ gives a little, then tells their friends, who give a bit more, and so on until it all adds up; the initial idea becomes a reality, and the crowd of people who made it happen all get something back. People who back our project, with a small donation, will hopefully get a real sense of ownership and involvement with the project, as well as extra goodies and benefits (like our free e-newsletter!!) Take a look at our page for more information on how to get involved

The project we are fundraising for is a small project to support women to take some of the skills they learn on our practical arts, crafts and creative courses to the next level, learning how to market and sell them to a wider audience, and to begin to generate a small amount of income for the centre. We’ll be trying to raise about £8000, and people will be able to ‘back’ the project from £5.

Help Us Out!

We’re hoping it is going to be a really good opportunity for us to get some great publicity, get more people involved in supporting our work and look at how we can reach new and different types of supporters. If we raise the funds, then of course that would be fab too!

It would be really great to hear from you if you, or someone you know, is an avid blogger, tweeter or social networker – and can perhaps help us to spread word about our challenge! Please contact Liz Islam our Fundraising Manager for more information at

Thanks Kara
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Accrington Centre Co-ordinator
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