Monday, 22 October 2012

Michael Gove abandons schools like Norden...

I have visited every secondary school. Recently whilst at Norden I was informed that increasing school rolls at Accrington Academy (60 extra students per year) where a rich philanthropist has backed huge school improvements including a state of the art swimming pool, has had the impact of falling rolls at Norden.

They share the same catchment area and with school funding based on pupil numbers, it is a challenge for Rishton/Great Harwood and Norden school to compete. It's not a level playing field.

Norden is also in need of refurbishment, as are most of Hyndburns secondary schools however the Academy through the generosity of a wealthy benefactor has fantastic facilities.

On both these issues, school rolls and building improvements, you can see from the response I have received from Gove is unnaceptable. The letter contains plenty of fudge but provides no answers to a falling demographic and a 'free for all' admissions policy that traps Norden in three directions with green fields and to the south the Academy.

There are serious questions about such a  'free for all' admissions policy; Acadamies are free to act as Independent schools on admissions.