Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Scrap Metal Dealers Bill 2012 - Minister gives way to my amendment on vehicle badging

Last year I began a campaign to amend the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964. I tabled a private members bill which had widespread support. The government defeated it and brought forward a similar bill, sponsored by Richard Ottaway MP. In September it passed committee stage successfully.

Whilst the bill is a huge step forward, the government having given way on the controversial part of the bill prohibiting cash payments which the industry and I had lobbied hard for.

There are three flaws in the current bill.
  1. It allows criminals and gangs to work in the industry unchecked by not having personal licences as with alcohol and taxis - both licensed similarly by local authorities.
  2. It does nothing to bring together a national task force to share intelligence and best practise.
  3. It does not allow local authorities to insist that mobile collectors display license information, vehicle badging nor scrap metal yards to display there licence details to customers. 
Having made the case in committee and secured a review on the final point, the minister and the home office have now accepted the importance of my amendment and will bring their own amendment to report stage on the 23 November when the Bill returns to the floor of the house of commons.