Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Baxenden digital tv reception - my own mystery?

I have never contacted EnergieKontor personally about my grandmothers house in Baxenden but this week had a call from them saying their engineer could not get access. The engineer pushed this note through the door (see below) with scrawl on it and a bogus telephone number.

When I queried this with the co-ordinator Nathan Wicks he said "someone calling themself Graham Jones MP has left a message with telephone number, asking us to check his aerial last Tuesday".

I have a house in Baxenden inherited from my Grandmother which has previously been the subject of political attacks from the Conservative Party in Hyndburn.

Clearly someone unindentified is up to no good and it's a mystery to me who it may be.

More relevantly, on Friday the Conservatives have tabled a debate on loss of digital tv reception in Baxenden for this coming Thursday's Hyndburn Borough Council meeting.

I hope all speakers will respect the fact that bogus complaints of this nature should be treated as such. I expect this important issue to be discussed with the seriousness.