Monday, 12 November 2012

My seven hour late night shift with CANsafe

I recently did a seven hour shift with CANsafe on a dark Friday night. My experiences showed to me how effective this initiative is. Originally set up in Peel ward it is now a scheme that is running across Hyndburn, being rolling out across Lancashire and I believe such is it's success, it won’t be long before it is standard police practice nationally. It is about to launch in Blackburn. Community activist Joyce Plummer and PC Martin Midgely deserve huge credit for setting up this initiative.

Nearly all the 40 professionals involved gave their time voluntarily or as part of their normal work hours. The extra cost of the operation was remarkably just £400. Not only did it target vulnerable young people and alcohol, but the five teams patrolled every neighbourhood in Hyndburn in unmarked cars for any suspicious activity. Our patrol had numerous police interventions, properties where child grooming is suspected, known haunts for youngsters drinking and where drink was confiscated if an under 18 was present, 16 and 17 years olds found drinking in town centres and pubs, patrolling off licences, stopping suspected burglar’s and individuals acting suspiciously late at night in residential areas.

Patrols were made up of police officer and special constables, child protection professionals and trading standards. The people stopped were surprised to see such an intense police presence. Children deemed vulnerable were taken to a safe place where care professionals spoke with them and their parents. Parents are forced to collect their children and made aware of the circumstances in which they were found.

CANsafe is one of the best recent police initiatives and the feedback they are getting is incredible. The fact it was initiated from the neighbourhood where I live and represented is welcome.

From the Lancashire Telegraph

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