Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Press release – Eastgate Parking 28.11.12

Excel parking, the company responsible for issuing parking notices on Eastgate car park over the summer have finally issued a statement. They have advised motorists who received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) in respect of a parking contravention between 2nd June 2012 to 8th July 2012, that:

1. They will not be pursuing unpaid PCN's and as such these Notices have been cancelled.

2. They will not be refunding PCN's which have been paid for legitimate parking contraventions. If motorists wish to pursue a refund we advise them to contact the managing agents who were responsible for our contract at the Eastgate Retail Park

The managing agent has issued a subsequent statement saying they are unable refund any monies paid to VCS as they did not issue the fines. The monies were collected by Excel parking and all the information relating to the notices is held by VC.

My own view is that this is shoddy. How can the most noble, who paid as a matter of honesty and urgency be the ones the most penalised? What does this say to people? The less you co-operate within the rules of society, the better it will be for you. How can those that paid be treated differently?

It is my understanding that the law is questionable as to whether it is legal for car parking companies who can only claim for lost earnings, and since Hyndburn Council has free car parking surrounding the site, can charge and fine? These fines may be contestable in court and I would advise those affected to approach Hyndburn's Citizens Advice Bureau on Paradise Street to see if they can seek legal redress.
Councillor Clare Pritchard states

“The Council has been trying hard to mediate and resolve this sorry situation. We managed to get the time allowed back to three hours and have been in regular contact with both parties trying to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

It is extremely good news the unpaid notices issued between 2nd June and 8th July will be cancelled. However, we are extremely disappointed to see Excel parking and the letting agent passing the buck on the issue of re-funding those motorists who paid. As we have no statutory powers over either party it would seem we have reached an impasse. It is important to stress Accrington town centre remains open for business and car parking across the town remains free”
Motorists who paid the fine for notices during this period are advised to write to Excel parking asking for a refund, outlining the difficulties this may have caused and also to seek their own legal advice. The address to write to is:


Unit 2, Europa Court, Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield S9 1XE