Thursday, 15 November 2012

Stuff David Cameron Forgot To Say...

Labour is turning the spotlight on David Cameron as his shambles of a Government reaches its halfway point today.

The campaign includes a mock Tory manifesto document – as it could have been if David Cameron had promised what he was really going to deliver by this point in the parliament. This highlights how, despite David Cameron's promises of change, things have got worse, not better. Alongside the document there is a new website focussing on David Cameron’s broken promises, plus the “Real Conservative Party Pledge Card”.

A copy of Not the Conservative Party Manifesto – a verdict on David Cameron’s broken promises and failure to deliver can be download here.

The website, Stuff David Cameron Forgot To Say – highlighting David Cameron’s broken promises – can be found at

The Real Conservative Party Pledge Card is attached or can be downloaded by clicking here.
Michael Dugher MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister without Portfolio, said:

“As his shambles of a Government reaches its halfway point, it's clear that David Cameron isn't delivering the change he promised. Instead, he's delivering things he never told the public about: higher unemployment than when he took office, a tax cut for millionaires while millions pay more, a massive top-down NHS reorganisation with 6,000 fewer nurses, and 6,800 frontline police officers cut so far.

“David Cameron may not want to mark this milestone, but Labour will use it to hold him to account and remind the public of his broken promises and failure to deliver.

“Cameron is leading an out of touch Government that has wasted two and a half years taking the country in the wrong direction, breaking his promises and standing up for the wrong people. He can't be the One Nation Prime Minister Britain needs.”