Thursday, 15 November 2012

Swift response from Hyndburn Council on lost TV reception in Baxenden

Graham, in respect of television reception, the Section 106 Agreement associated with the Oswaldtwistle Moor Wind Farm planning permission states that any complaint made by an owner / occupier of a property within a 5km radius of the site, and holding a current valid television license, to be investigated by the developer (or their appointed approved body) in order to determine if the quality of television reception at the claimant's property has been materially adversely affected by the operation of the wind farm. Complaints should be made directly to Energiekontor (by email to and then they are to send a copy to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) within 7 days of receipt.

Energiekontor have now appointed a local aerial company which has extensive experience in this field to investigate the complaints. The company has 28 days to investigate each complaint and then a further 10 days to issue their findings to the properties affected and to the LPA. The report shall set out whether the impairment of television reception is directly attributable to the development, and if remedial works are required to restore the quality of television reception. If remedial works are required, they shall be undertaken by Energiekontor at its own cost using all reasonable endeavours and completed as soon as reasonably practicable. Energiekontor have confirmed that boosters have already been installed at some of the affected properties and they appear to have resolved the problem, however this will be monitored over the next couple of weeks during the commissioning process to ensure there is no interference with the turbines.