Sunday, 16 December 2012


On Wednesday the Energy Bill will come before Parliament for second reading. Briian has to get it's energy policy right but what we see at the heart of government is division and and confusion. A Prime Minister who has promoted John Hayes, climate change sceptic and wind farm objector to the heart of the department in direct conflict with the the LibDem Secretary of State.

This week the Committee on Climate Change warned that there is a real risk that the Government’s energy policy will lock Britain into a high-cost, high carbon energy supply, when we should be investing in new sources of clean energy.

Energy bills are soaring, contributing to the cost of living crisis afflicting millions of families. But this Tory-led Government is out-of-touch, out-of-date and puts the interests of the big energy companies ahead of ordinary families and pensioners struggling with soaring energy bills.

Hard-pressed families have already seen their energy bills rise by nearly £300 since this Tory-led Government came to power. To get the fair energy bills the public deserve the Government must commit to a clear target to clean up Britain’s power sector by 2030 and get behind Labour’s plans to break the dominance of the energy giants, open up the energy market, and create a tough new energy regulator with the power to force energy companies to pass on savings to consumers.

When the Energy Bill returns to Parliament at Committee Stage, I and my colleagues sat on the Bill committee will be doing the utmost to ensure that Britain's has a long sustainable plan for energy.