Monday, 3 December 2012

Baxenden digital TV loss - latest

This morning the Council agreed that Energiekontor would supply an updated spread sheet of residents affected by the loss of signal in accordance with the S106 Agreement.

It is expected that this would be updated daily on Energiekontors web site to minimise calls to Hyndburn Council and them to direct councillors and the public alike to such a spread sheet.

    1. date complaint received
  • date of visit
  • results of the visit i.e. did the approved body determine that the impairment of TV reception is directly attributable to the development such that the quality of reception is materially poorer than the level recorded in the baseline study
  • date when the written opinion was issued to the claimant
  • details of remedial works proposed / undertaken to restore the quality of the TV reception to the level recorded in the baseline study
  • confirmation that claimant gave written consent to EnergieKontor to undertake the proposed remedial works
  • confirmation from professional body that the TV signal to the relevant property is no worse than shown in the baseline study submitted to the Council (ie following the remedial works)