Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cummins Mellor

Cummins Mellor are a recruitment agency in Accrington and a real success story considering the current economic troubles that the area and country is facing. They have recently refurbished their office and held a small launch party, and are looking forward to an equally successful 2013.

I am happy that there are some business success stories in the area that we can be proud of. It is easy to be negative about the current state of the economy, our area has been very badly hit by almost any measure. Unemployment, and particularly long term youth unemployment are far too high, and from what I hear from local businesses, confidence is low.

So it is with this backdrop that I wish to congratulate Cummins Mellor for the health of their business, and the job they do getting people into work.

In coming weeks and months I am going to begin contacting businesses across the constituency directly, with the intention of putting them in touch with Government Departments such as BIS and their agencies such as UK Trade and Investment. I want my office to do as much as it can to function as a direct link to central Government, for as many companies as possible that would benefit from this.

I want to know what problems businesses are facing, what the Government could do to help them, and what I can do to push them into it.

That way we might be able to have more success stories like this. For more information go to