Monday, 3 December 2012

Sexual Health Education

Dear Mr Jones, we're a nationwide online magazine geared towards the LGBT community in the UK and today (1st December 2012) sees the launch of our free, confidential and crucially, online sexual health clinic.

With WorldAIDSDay today the world's focus for one day is on HIV, we all dream of a world without HIV, AIDS or any sexual health infections. Of course that hope and dream of a world without these infections starts with education, which is why we've teamed up with 56 Dean Street the UK's most popular sexual health clinic.

As I'm sure you're aware (as reported in the HPA yesterday) for the first time since 1999 new homosexual diagnoses of the HIV infection rose to record highs - clearly the message isn't getting out there through traditional means - which brings me back to our campaign. #AskUsWeWontJudge
We're online, 24/7 and available to anyone who's too embarrassed to visit a clinic, too ashamed to ask the questions face to face or just too busy to get to a clinic. A simple form sent confidentially via TheGayUK goes to the UK's top clinic and we publish the answer to our audience - we currently serve 250,000 pages a month - that's a lot of eyes being educated to sexual health.

I'm asking that you might do a little social networking for us by tweeting #AskUsWeWontJudge along with the link<>. If you don't have Twitter maybe you could get involved with a quick message in any mail outs or mailing lists or even via Facebook.

It would mean the world to us and if we can reach one person and educate them about better, safer sex we've done our job.

With the greatest of respect.

Jake + Graham

Jake Hook

The UK's #1 Online Daily Magazine for the LGBT Community.<><><>

TheGayUK and 56 Dean Street, the popular HIV and sexual health centre in Soho, are pleased to announce a brand new venture to bring sexual health information to your desktop, tab or Smartphone.

Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise which means that the traditional methods of communicating messages about safer, better sex aren't getting through. The Gay UK with 56 Dean Street have created an online sexual health clinic, whereby readers can submit their sexual health related questions confidentially to one of the countries most advanced clinics. A selection of questions will then be answered via the online magazine.

"I really feel strongly about sexual health matters," said Jake Hook, co-founder of The Gay UK. "There are too many new STI diagnoses in the UK, including HIV which has seen the biggest new infection increase since the 80s. The message isn't getting out. We wanted a creative, new campaign to build an online column whereby anyone who has access to a computer, Smartphone or tablet can get the information they really need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jake Jenkins, Nurse Specialist at 56 Dean Street said: "Some people may find it difficult or embarrassing to ask questions or come to a sexual health clinic. That's why 56DS and TGUK have come together to provide free confidential advice. Everyone deserves a safe and enjoyable sex life. We are here to help not to judge."

The column which will be answered by specialists from the UK's most popular sexual health clinic will be unveiled on Saturday 1 December to coincide with World AIDS Day. The online magazine will also have links and click throughs to all necessary resources including an online directory of NHS sexual health clinics in the UK.

Note to editors:

Readers are asked to log onto:<> and fill in the confidential form, which allows space to describe symptoms and even upload a photograph. Email and personal data is not kept by either 56DS or TGUK.

TheGayUK is the number 1 online features and listings magazine for the gay, lesbian, bisexual community in the UK, with over 250,000 pages served a month.

This is the first time that an online gay publication will feature a sexual health advice column.

56 Dean Street is an HIV and sexual health centre in Soho – the popular centre, which is run by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has won numerous awards for its services which include outreach clinics in bars and other venues.

56 Dean Street's website is:<><>

For more information please email:<> or call 0845 094 4379 ext 230<tel:0845%20094%204379%20ext%20230>.


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