Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Great Harwood Health Centre - Almost there!

Great Harwood Health Centre has reached the final stage.

A Full Business Case approval is expected from the Strategic Health Authority any day and I am told definitely before Christmas. Work on site would is expected to start by end of January 2013.

As MP this scheme has been a top priority. It is important the the northern towns, particularly Great Harwood have 21st century health care facilities. I have lobbied the PCT, the Council, the strategic health authority and the Secretary of State on this issue.

It will be a welcome day when first class health facilities are available to the people of Great Harwood and surrounding rather than the cramped current prefab inadequate building now. I have always maintained that is is important  for the health centre to not be a replacement but that larger premises are built. We know that more services are delivered locally, even small operations and as medical science advances, even more will be done locally. It is essential Great Harwood residents have easy and modern pleasant health care facilities able to meet future localisation of clinical services.

However it is important that the transfer from the local PCT when it ceases to exist in April to an national quango NHSPS does not result in a loss of local accountability. Great Harwood residents I believe may have some difficulty in debating the decisions around services within the new health centre with no local accountability.