Saturday, 1 December 2012

Michael Gove can't defend his own schools policy.

Michael Gove for all his gusto and self promoting directness has failed now on several occasions to answer a simple question.
There are two schools who compete for the same number of children. One is a sponsored Academy with a rich philanthropic backer whose latest act of generosity is apparently a £2.5m swimming pool, the other a state school. The state school, free to take as many children as it wishes takes an extra 30 and the local authority school, funded on a per pupil basis loses 30 and has to make 20 staff redundant.

This is my simple question. It is not one which is difficult to understand, I expect children at Key Stage 2 to be able to answer it;

Is it right that the personal wealth of one individual who can purchase an increase in school applications should result in the adverse consequence of undermining the education of the remaining 100 children at the local education authority school?

I have written to Michale Gove twice and spoken to him personally in the lobby's three times asking him to provide a 'level playing field' answer for the local education authority school.

This is the latest reply;