Thursday, 3 January 2013

FutureYou - helping young people

I was recently contacted by FutureYou, a online support network that aims to help thousands of young people – the so-called NEETS – break out of unemployment. I want to do my bit at spreading awareness of this organisation.

The successes that they have had is quite surprising. According to their latest surveying, 47.7% of NEETs that have used FutureYou have moved back into education, employment or training – 27.1% of those getting a job. Moreover, across the board 65% of their users say FutureYou has improved their confidence in getting back into work, education or training.

The challenge that they face is no small one, with over 1,000,000 young people – more than one in six – currently classified as NEETs according the Department for Education. The longer that a young person stays out of work, the greater chance they have of unemployment and lower income in later life. 75% of NEETs feel isolated from society; 58% struggle to afford food and medicines.

I urge all young people and their families to get in touch with FutureYou if you think it would be of benefit. You can speak to counsellors online in real time through – as well as access information on job opportunities your area.