Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I am supporting Shelter’s Rotten Homes Campaign

I am supporting Shelter’s Rotten Homes Campaign, as part of their ongoing campaign to stamp out rogue landlords. This time they are focussing on mayors and city authorities to take action to protect people who live in the private rented sector.

As they point out on their website, which I am happy to echo here on my blog:

“Too many landlords are getting away with renting out properties that are in appalling states of disrepair. People are stuck in run-down, damp, dilapidated and downright dangerous conditions.

So we’re calling on Mayors and local politicians to stamp out rogue landlords and make sure that no one has to live in a rotten home.”

Liverpool and Bristol are both cities which have elected Mayors, and this campaign is an attempt to put rogue landlords and their rotten properties on the cities’ policy agenda. 2000 supporters petitioned the new Mayor, and as a result, the new Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has launched a 10-point plan committing himself and the city to tackling rogue landlords.

The Mayor has pledged himself to 1) Create a Rogue Landlords Hit Squad; 2) Adopt a ‘Liverpool Standard’ for privately rented homes in the City; 3) Re-launch the Landlord Accreditation Scheme; and 4) set up a confidential free phone line where people can shop a bad landlord.

You can read more about it here.

I hope this success can be replicated across our cities.