Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The future of Oakenhead Day Centre and its services

This Monday I had a meeting with Geoff Driver, the Leader of Lancashire County Council regarding Oakenhead day centre. It was a constructive and useful meeting, and I am pleased to say that Geoff and I agreed on broad principles of delivering and improving adult social care.

I believe it is important to protect the physical day care facilities in Lancashire, and avoid an across the board shift towards the type of personal budgeting that isn't conducive to community, interaction and advancement.

Losing Oakenhead day centre without a comparable or better facility within distance would represent a retrograde step. Council Leader Geoff Driver was adamant that the new facilities, whilst much further away provide a much more satisfactory service and this bore out in user satisfaction feedback.

Though we agreed on a lot, I am nonetheless still concerned about the future of Oakenhead, and I intend to visit Enfield Day Centre in the near future. I made clear my concerns that day centres are being replaced by cost cutting measures dressed up as personal care budgets.