Sunday, 3 March 2013

Rossendale's new bus station? Council takes a big step forward

Outlined below is the amendment that was supported by all members of Rossendale Borough Council at last nights council meeting. I am delighted that all members of the council were able to support this.

That members welcome the promised investment of £3.5m in relation to the new bus station in Rawtenstall, and agree in principle to the use of council land to enable the building of a new facility.

As a council, Rossendale appear are keen to ensure that local residents, local businesses, bus users and our local transport providers are involved in this process. I am also glad they committed to work closely with the county council and the boroughs preferred development partner, to identify the best option to meet local need, and to get value for money for our residents from this £3.5m investment.

It is important the Rossedale Council have also committed to ensuring that these options will be fully explored, and a proper consultation held, within the timescales outlined in the report so will not result in any delay.