Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tory propaganda on the rates costs taxpayers £72,000

Recently I wrote about Lancashire County Council's decision to waste taxpayer's money printing a 12 page colour propaganda paper called 'Vision'. I submitted several FOI requests to LCC and received the following answers:

a) how many copies have been printed; 504,000

b) the total cost of the printing; £36,750

c) the total cost of delivery; £35,143.59

d) how many properties it has been delivered to; 503,237

e) Which company or companies printed them. D Print

There we have it then, at a time of extreme pressures on the public purse and on local authorities spending power, Tory Lancashire thought it would spend over £70,000 printing and delivering propaganda papers to 503,237 properties.

As I stated in the previous posting on this blog, this publication has no public benefit whatsoever, it is simply the Conservative political leadership at LCC writing its own reviews, putting a positive spin on its time in office, and glossing over the mistakes. All of this is being done at the expense of the taxpayers of Lancashire.

It striking that the Tories don't believe they can win without this waste.

I have submitted a further FOI request into LCC to find out precisely

1) where these leaflets were delivered in Lancashire. According to LCC's own website, in 2010 the population living under the County Council was nearly 1.5 million, however only 503,237 properties received the publication.

It would be interesting if these leaflets were disproportionately delivered in marginal areas. In fact it would controversial. I would expect that all households will be treated equally.

I look forward to getting the response from LCC.