Friday, 26 April 2013

Acre in Rossendale - a village seeking recognition

I have been sent correspondence regarding the post codes for the village of Acre in Rossendale. A concern about the loss of the identity of the village. I thought such a historical correspondence was worth publishing.

Thanks for your letter of support - I have now sent them off to Royal Mail's Major Address change department and shall keep you updated as to the outcome of the consultation.

As a result of needing to discover the geographical boundaries of the village, which are not available on current maps and so apparently unknown to local authorities etc, I have had to spend the past year engaged in some major historical research into the area. I found this research though time consuming, to be very interesting and have discovered things such as:

· The villages houses are built on land that was part of Top O'th Bank farm and was owned by Margaret Pilling of Baxenden. She also inherited Morton Hall and built much of Baxenden including Baxenden Church.

· Rising Bridge roundabout is really in Acre - though for logistical purposes such as postal delivery's and highways classification it is remaining as the postal boundary between the villages of Acre and Rising Bridge.

· Acre mill (now Hazel Mill/Winfields) was built at the same time as the village and was originally intended to be a cooperative mill. Later the Acre Mill company built Pleasant Street (re-named New Pleasant street by Haslingden Borough Council) and Parkinson street on their land.

· In 1771 there was a case of a forged will of 'Sir Andrew Chadwick' recently deceased owner of Carterplace, the case was heard at the Old Bailey and the following January the two forgers were hung at Tyburn.

· In 1595 there was a land dispute over part of Henheads (Rising Bridge/Stonefold area) and the original Elizabethan map of the surrounding area includes bits of what is now Acre but was then Haslingden Township and shows familiar names such as Hollin Gate, Sherfin, Mangholes, Friar Hill, Baxenden and Risen Bridge Causeway - this was the actual bridge from where the village of Rising Bridge gets its name.

I am continuing to pursue my research and making new discoveries all the time - only this week I have found a court case dated 1648 regarding the decay of the roads in Stonefold after the enclosure of Henheads pasture.

If you are interested or know of anyone who is interested in hearing more regarding the history of Acre/Carterplace or even the bits I am discovering about surrounding areas of Hud Hey/Rising Bridge/Stonefold please let me know and for anyone who feels details of the geographical boundaries of Acre village may be of use, I can now provide this information.