Wednesday, 24 April 2013

ASBO's; Tories are soft on crime, and soft on the causes of crime

Figures released today have revealed that Hyndburn has the 13th highest rate of anti social behaviour in the country. A shameful statistic given the sterling work done by the Police in teh face of collasall budget cuts and huge reductions in numbers of police officers.

A detailed breakdown obtained by Freedom of Information Requests from Shadow Home Office Minister Gloria De Piero and research by statisticians from the House of Commons Library has revealed new figures, which show in Hyndburn local authority there were 6,170 anti-social behaviour incidents recorded by the police in 2012 – that is a rate of 76.4 for every 100 residents.

This once again highlights the reason that the Government is completely wrong to scrap the ASBO. The Police don’t want it scrapped, and the public don’t it scrapped. Too often the media focused on the 50% who breached their ASBO not going to prison but with the ending of the ASBO the 50% who previously did go to prison will now not do so. We've gone form a 50/50 chance of going to prison to no chance.

The figures also paint a revealing picture of the scale of the anti-social behaviour problem at a police force wide area, with Lancashire police force recording 91,053 incidents of anti-social behaviour in 2012 – the fourth highest in the country, and an average 62.3 for every 1000 residents.

I believe the ASBO worked, and so do the police. But this Government does not listen to the police, the victims or anyone who has experience of tackling crime.

Critics who thought the ASBO was soft on crime have got the worst of all outcomes, they have had it replaced by something which is weak, and which carries no criminal sanction for a breach. The Government’s new so-called ‘community trigger’ only requires a police response when someone has complained 3 times. This is not good enough – people have the right to have their complaints about anti-social behaviour dealt with right away.

This Government is effectively abolishing anti-social behaviour enforcement. The Tories are soft on crime, and soft on the causes of crime.