Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals - Gambling Commision replies

I have just picked up Graham’s posting of 9 April about the 'Back your local bookie' campaign. He mentions that “the Government scrapped the Gambling Prevalence Survey ....... Therefore we have lost the best and most objective means of knowing the scale of the problem.”

I am writing to reassure Graham that we are continuing to monitor both participation in gambling and the prevalence of problem gambling in Britain. We have “decoupled” the two aspects as follows:
· Participation data is captured through quarterly omnibus surveys which are publish on our website omnibus_survey_data.aspx

· Problem gambling prevalence (comparable with that from the previous Prevalence Surveys) is now being captured through the Health Survey for England and the Scottish Health Survey. The results will be published later this year health_surveys.aspx

Please do contact me if you would like any further information.

Yours sincerely

Julia Mackisack
Board Advisor
Gambling Commission
Victoria Square House
Victoria Square
Birmingham B2 4BP
0121 230 6542