Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mummy tax

Dear Graham,

Not that long ago, David Cameron promised to lead the most family friendly government ever.  Yet, this weekend he'll be giving a huge tax cut to millionaires with one hand, while cutting support for new mums with the other.

We need your help to spread this message – because not enough people know the price ordinary families are paying for David Cameron's failure    

If you're currently receiving statutory maternity pay (or expect to soon), but you're not one of the 13,000 lucky millionaires to get an average £100,000 tax cut on Saturday, David Cameron now thinks you can afford to get by on even less. By 2015, statutory maternity pay will be £180 less than it would have been if it had been uprated with inflation.

Whilst the economy is flatlining, prices are rising faster than wages and unemployment amongst women is going up, David Cameron's solution is to deliver a tax cut for millionaires and a maternity pay cut for new mums.

I believe families shouldn't have to pay the price of the Tory-led Government's failed economic policies. At a time when family finances have been hit like never before, this Government is coming back to new mums for even more. And mums deserve better.

If you believe that, in difficult times, Government should be making it easier for people to get by, not harder, then click here    

With your help we can show people whose side this Government is really on.

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Thank you,

Yvette Cooper