Sunday, 21 April 2013

My letter to the Trustee's of Agapao International

To Claire Dilworth, Trustee of Agapao, daughter of Louise Chicot.

I write without wishing to add to the issue but with a deep concern over the activities of Agapao. I have received your Facebook comments and I am sure you share a deep concern for the charity and Louise.

As you will appreciate there is grave concern that the Mary Hindle Centre will not be returned to public use/access. Community Link have shown some indication that they may want to take it on.

My own view is that it is unacceptable if it is sold and the trustees can enhance the charities credibility by beginning the process of handing over to another Haslingden community group.

No-one wants to question the charity but a failure to begin the hand back process of the building and a lack of accountability in Uganda have drawn quizzical interest from those wishing to ensure that motives and outcomes are conducive with the charity's stated aims.

My personal advice is that the transfer of the building will answer most of the questions and relieve much of the stress which has been built up at the charity and in the community. I would be more than willing to help with the transfer.

The position I face is most unsatisfactory. I am having to investigate the charities activities here and abroad, raise the issues directly in Parliament as you are no doubt aware and as a consequence, it is being picked up by national media. I will be travelling to Uganda this summer to look at the work Agapao has done in both Jinja and Kenya.

I share your hope that all those concerned can look forward to a more productive future with the issue of the Mary Hindle Centre resolved.

As a trustee I would support your decision as a board member to begin the transfer of the building to a Haslingden charity. It is important trustees make the right decisions for the charity and relieve Louise from some the immense pressure she is under.

I look forward to your response,


Graham Jones MP