Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Protect the minimum wage!

now the government are coming after the national minumum wage. sign the petition.Dear Graham. This weekend, we've seen the Government hit some of the country's most vulnerable families with the Bedroom Tax. Cuts for legal aid have kicked in, making it harder for poor people to get justice. And on Saturday, the Government's tax cut for millionaires begins – with 13,000 millionaires getting a £100,000 tax cut.

But that's not enough for this Government. This morning, we've found out that they're coming after the Minimum Wage too. They have ordered the Low Pay Commission to consider freezing, or even cutting, the National Minimum Wage, if the economy doesn't pick up. Workers earning the lowest legal wage could be paying the price for this Government's failed economic policies.

Today, we've launched an urgent petition calling on the Government to drop this plan, and promise to protect the minimum wage.

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Today's Telegraph has revealed that the Government are changing the terms of reference for the Low Pay Commission, so they have to formally consider the minimum wage's impact on "employment and the economy" when deciding what level it should be set at each year.

This Government's austerity measures are damaging the economy, and are stifling jobs and growth. And now it could be people being paid the lowest possible legal wage who pay the price, by having their pay frozen, or even cut, while prices continue to rise. They've already done this for young workers aged 18-20, whose minimum wage was frozen last year.

Back when David Cameron was Leader of the Opposition, there were rumours that a Tory Government would quietly do away with the minimum wage. In 2008, a senior Tory source said:

"The minimum wage won't be scrapped but it will be allowed to wither on the vine. A series of smaller, more affordable increases will mean it will just melt away."

Today, that's one step closer to coming true.

Sign our petition now, and let's show how many of us back the minimum wage: http://www.unionstogether.org.uk/protecttheminimumwage

Thanks, Felicity