Friday, 26 April 2013

Stroke Association Action on Stroke Month, May 2013 - Pledge your support today

Dear Mr Jones, May 2013 will be the second Action on Stroke Month, and we invite you to pledge your support here:

Every year an estimated 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke. That's one person every five minutes. Around a third of strokes will prove fatal and around half of all stroke survivors are left with a long-term disability including physical, communication, emotional and psychological issues.

Progress has been made in stroke research, prevention and care but there is still so much more that can be done to help prevent strokes and improve the quality of life for stroke survivors and their families after stroke. Action on Stroke Month is about raising awareness of stroke and the impact on stroke survivors, their carers and families. It’s also about standing together for life after stroke, and ensuring that every stroke survivor gets the support they need to make their best possible recovery from stroke.

Across the country, many community events and activities are being planned for Action on Stroke Month, to reach out to stroke survivors and demonstrate the services and support that is available to them. Your pledge will help raise awareness of stroke and let supporters in your own constituency and across the UK know that you are fully behind the great work that is being done for stroke survivors, their families and carers.