Sunday, 21 April 2013

Woodnook - update

Things are progressing in Woodnook. Labour's regeneration scheme following a decade of broken Tory promises is now at the structural engineer's stage. An assessment is being made of the integrity of each property and where structurel works are required. The fire damaged properties on Booth Street for example. PlaceFirst, a national pension company are working with the Labour Council to bring 80 fully modernised, enlarged properties (2 into 1's) back in to use for affordable private rent, guaranteeing their maintenance for the next forty years. This innovative scheme has attracted national attention and featured heavily in the trade press and is a feature of the BBC's One Show.

I am proud of the role I and Clare Pritchard played in developing this particulalr scheme and it demonstrates that Labour has kept promises to residents (unlike the Tories) and is on the side of ordinary hard working people.