Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Back Britain’s Charities campaign

Dear Member of Parliament, The Back Britain's Charities campaign (run by the Charities Aid Foundation and NCVO) would like to invite you to a Parliamentary event entitled "Cuts in the Community: Can councils justify disproportionate reductions in charity funding?".
As you may know, CAF and NCVO launched the Back Britain's Charities campaign in response to a 20% drop in individual donations to charity, as identified in the UK Giving 2012 report. One of the five central asks of this campaign is: 'Government should ensure that public bodies do not cut funding for charities disproportionately when making spending reductions'.

Many charities have had their funding cut or withdrawn by local authorities, whilst at the same time 67% of charities have reported an increase in demand for their services. Local government has been asked by the Department for Communities and Local Government not to cut funding to charities disproportionately – a call supported by the Back Britain's Charities campaign and 72% of the general public – but nevertheless half of councils responding to a recent FOI request stated that they are cutting the amount they spend on charity service provision by more than their total percentage budget cut.

We hope to cover a range of issues, such as:

· Are the councils that are cutting charity funding merely playing politics or have austerity measures left them with little choice?

· Do charities need to innovate in order to truly earn the funding they get?

· Is the Government doing enough to ensure small and medium-sized charities aren't muscled out?

· Are charities always in a better position than other providers to meet the needs of their local communities?

Fiona McEvoy
Campaigns Manager
Charities Aid Foundation
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