Thursday, 30 May 2013

Olympic legacy fading - Hyndburn bucking the trend

Survey of teachers and sports organisers shows that participation rates in school sport has gone down in over a third of schools across the country.

This survey shows that at the same time David Cameron was basking in the success of Team GB he was undermining school sport partnerships which are essential to delivering the Olympic Legacy among the current generation of school children.

A Survey of over 1,000 Primary and Secondary School Teachers and School Sport Staff has found that:

- Over a third of schools have reported a decrease in participation since Government cut ring fenced funding for School Sport.
- In the North West nearly 40% of respondents have reported a decrease
- 68% of School Games Organisers and school sport staff have reported a decrease in participation

We’re fortunate in Hyndburn that we have a dedicated School Games Organiser and that schools have worked to ensure participation rates increase. Nonetheless if the government is serious about sport and the health and well-being of our young people it should be prioritising support for our schools and sports clubs. In particular we know that the previous system supported children with SEN and disabilities far better than the current one.

The new funding arrangement could undermine the work that has gone on already and see a well established system of events and activities that have a high record of participation being completely undermined.

Notes for Editors:

- The survey has been published by the Smith Institute and is available here:
- Daily Telegraph Friday 17th May Pg. 1: A spokesman for the Department for Education said: “This is a self-selecting survey which includes school sports partnership staff and therefore cannot be taken seriously”
- Labour has previously called for a minimum of 2 hours participation in PE and Sport a week for pupils. A ten year, cross party plan for school sport and Ofsted to play a greater role in inspecting school sport