Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Conservative Party are obsessing about Europe – and the British people are paying the price

In opposition, David Cameron promised to change his party and to halt its tradition of obsessively ‘banging on about Europe’.

But this week we’ve seen that David Cameron is failing to lead his party, at the expense of doing what is best for the country.

He’s spending his time worrying about how to get the Conservative Party in line, instead of how to get the
country back on track.

Instead of standing up for British interests he finds himself being pushed around by his backbenchers, conceding more and more to the Eurosceptics in his party. His inability to stand up to his party is forcing David Cameron to allow Britain to sleepwalk towards exit.

What people increasingly see is a weak Prime Minister who is unable to lead his divided Government, obsessing over Europe when he should be sorting out the economic mess his Government has made.

David Cameron has turned a Europe issue into a leadership issue.