Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Raising the Participation Age - Lancashire Country Council's obligation to young people

I have challenged Lancashire Country Council over it's carefree approach to statutory legislation on raising the Raising of the Participation Age (RPA).

LCC have a legal obligation to young people confirmed by the minister in the first paragraph of the second page of the Minister's reply (see below).

I have written to LCC four times and spoken to staff verbally and as yet the County have been unable to provide any information to confirm they are abiding by the Act of the Parliament.

Notably that LCC have identified those vulnerable of not taking up education or training post 16 or that they have a system in place to register any youngster who may fall out of education or training. Further more LCC appears to have not put in place any advisory service to prevent problems arising, either with parents or young people whom the law applies to.

This lack of any acceptable response leads me to question whether our young people (of which there 7.6% NEETs in Hyndburn) are being simply and disgracefully abandoned by Lancashire County Council.

I have raised this issue with the new Labour Group at County Hall.