Sunday, 9 June 2013

I support womens rights in Afghanistan

This week Amnesty International wrote to MP's to ask for their support of women's rights in Afghanistan. An issue which is of great concern. Back in July of 2011 on the debate of female education in Afghanistan I had the chance to ask the Prime Minister;

Graham Jones: I welcome the Prime Minister’s comments about education in Afghanistan, but can he update the House on how much progress has been made from investing in schooling and education over the years, and on where that leaves us now?

David Cameron(Prime Minister; Witney, Conservative)
The hon. Gentleman asks a good question. I shall write to him with the specific figures for the number of Afghans in school in Helmand province and elsewhere. I think that he will see very good progress, but I will write to him with the exact details.

This week I watched the film, 'The Stoning of Soraya M'  [DVD] which you can get from and
ebay as well as other sources. A French film (with subtitles) beautifully shot and acted which has occasional spoken English dialogue, it is a true life drama about women's rights in Iran leading to the stoning to death of the central character. It is an insight into the type of oppression the Taliban inflicted and will inflict should they regain authority on women in Afghanistan.