Friday, 21 June 2013

Labour is setting a high bar for all children and all schools

If we are going to turn this economy around we need everybody playing their part and getting education right for all children is a really important part of that.

Labour is setting a high bar for all children and all schools with our One Nation plan for education set out this
week by Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg.

We’ve had an excellent response from teachers, parents and the business community who welcome Labour’s ideas for raising standards for all children in all schools.

Many people are concerned about the chaos David Cameron and Michael Gove’s divisive reforms have bought to our schools system.

A key part of Labour’s policy will be to extend freedoms to all schools. Headteachers and teachers have told us this will be key to raising standards – giving them more freedom over how they teach and how to run and organise schools.

Labour will also put an end to Michael Gove’s Free Schools programme, which has led to the setting up of schools in areas with surplus places and allows unqualified teachers into the classroom. This can’t be right when children and parents are struggling to find a place due to the Government’s crisis in primary school places.

Michael Gove wants schools to operate as islands – but schools shouldn’t be allowed to become isolated from their local communities. Parents and local communities need to be involved in their oversight.

We need a better vision for creating new schools, with qualified teachers, opening them where they are needed, where there is real parent demand and holding them up to the same high standards as other schools.