Monday, 17 June 2013

No answers from Government on the living standards squeeze

David Cameron had no answers this week on the living standards crisis facing families in this constituency.

While any fall in unemployment should of course be welcomed, the Tory-led Government are dangerously complacent about the challenges facing the country.

The truth is that the jobs market remains extremely fragile. There isn’t enough work to go round and pay packets are taking a kicking as a result.

If the latest figures are anything to go by, basic pay has fallen by over £1,300 since the General Election. And all the time, prices keep on rising.

MPs from all political parties have had enough of David Cameron’s failure to get a grip on the economy – because it is ordinary people who are paying the price.

More and more people are beginning to realise it doesn’t have to be this way. People in this constituency want action on the big challenges that face this country, on living standards, jobs, and economic growth. Borrowing now stands at £245 billion more than planned because this Government has no plan for jobs and growth. There are too many people on benefits and not enough paying tax. It’s a recipe for things getting worse, not better.

Labour would act to kick-start the economy now by bringing forward infrastructure investment, as the IMF has urged. With our economy flatlining, boosting growth now will generate more tax revenues which will help get the deficit down in the medium term, not to mention the help on jobs and living standards we desperately need.