Friday, 28 June 2013

Raising the matter of rogue car parking companies in the Commons

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Yesterday I raised the issue of rogue car parking companies having unchecked access to the DVLA website.

Last year DVLA were forced to admit and finally take down from its website a statement that said they checked every request for information. The reality was the DVLA's EID computer system is automated and not checked and does not refuse requests.

Last month I received a parliamentary answer to the issue of zero rateable free car parks becoming money making businesses by virtue of the fact they were now charging and deriving an income. As you can see I have referred Eastgate to the valuations office and will watch the outcome with keen interest.

This week I had correspondence from the national motorists action group NMAG over a recent FOI to the DVLA over breaches in the Protections of Freedom Act 2008 schedule 4 designed to protect motorists. Every notice or fine and every piece of correspondence between DVLA and Car Park Co's must be checked to ensure motorists are not being sent rogue information.

The 18th June reply from DVLA confirmed they do not do this and breach the duties in the Act. I will be writing to DVLA to ask what compliance here was to protect Hyndburn charged for parking on Eastgate retail park.