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Campaign for Fairer Gambling - Latest shocking research into Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

Campaign for Fairer Gambling - Fixed Odds Betting Terminal Research - 7th June 2013

Campaign for Fairer Gambling have commissioned a survey by 2CV Research Ltd with 501 betting shop customers in Newham where PaddyPower recently defeated the Council's licensing committee decision to refuse on application for a FOBT/bookmakers on appeal in court.

No survey like this has been done since the 2010 British Gambling Prevalence Survey and the results are quite worrying. That the poorest people in society stake on average £19 per 20 second spin and on average lose £55 with 1 in 5 inserting over £100. Over a third of FOBT users are gambling on more than one machine per day and on average they gamble at 2 shops per day. 87% of FOBT users agree that the machines are addictive.

These machines have been labelled the crack cocaine of gambling by the Daily Mail and are increasing in prevalence in the constituency. They are known to increase aggression in betting shops where they exist.

Key Summary of findings

Awareness and Frequency of Use

Usage of FOBTs is very high within Newham betting shops, with over a third (39%) of respondents interviewed saying that they only use these machines, and do not use any other services in betting shops
  1.  90% of all people interviewed were aware of FOBTs
  2.  59% play FOBTs, with 51% claiming to play them regularly
    a) Suggesting that two thirds (66%) of those made aware of these machines will play them
    b) There is also evidence that the machines are attractive to demographics with less disposable income (e.g. Younger gamblers (18 -24) and lower SEGs (D) are more likely to be regular players)
FOBT users are very engaged with the machines, with 63% of those who play FOBTs claiming they use them at least once a week.
Amount gambled

There are high levels of gambling among FOBT users:
1. Average cash amount inserted is c£55 per each machine session, with 1 in 5 (19%) inserting over £100 cash
2. FOBT users are gambling on average c£17 per spin
a) Those from the lowest SEG groups are gambling the most per spin (averaging c£19.00 per spin
3.  Over a third of FOBT users are gambling on more than one machine per day and on average they gamble at 2 shops per day.
b) Again, the lower SEG groups are gambling at more shops on average, per day.

FOBT gamblers rarely end up with more money than when they started:
  • 53% regularly end up losing
  • 33% win about as much as they lose
  • 13% regularly end up winning
  • But at least some winnings are re-gambled back into the machines by 68%
Attitudes Toward FOBT Gambling

The attitudinal data suggest that FOBT users are spending more than they plan to on the machines and quite clearly find the roulette games addictive:
  • 87% of FOBT users agree that the machines are addictive
  • 76% said that they sometimes spend more than they plan to on FOBTs
The data suggests that those using the FOBTs are susceptible to gambling addiction with:
  • 68% saying that they sometimes chase their losses when they lose
  • 77% agree that they sometimes gamble for longer than they planned
  • 62% have gambled until all their money has gone
For further information please contact

Adrian Parkinson
Campaign Consultant

2CV Research Ltd

2CV Research is a global, talent-led, consumer research agency working with some of the world’s biggest brands in some of the world’s most accelerated markets. We were established in 1998, and now have over 100 full time staff across offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles and San Francisco, all sharing a passion for asking people questions and making sense out of the world around us. We offer large agency capability but with the added benefit of boutique agency thinking, meaning we think very hard about each project and the implications of the findings on the client’s business.

2CV are also corporate members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and adhere to their code of conduct at all times.

Fixed Odds Betting Terminal Research Methodology Overview
  •  Face to face interviews were conducted near to betting shops within the London Borough of Newham
  •  Respondents were recruited at random upon exiting the betting shops across various locations in Newham and asked about their typical engagement with betting shop services
  •  Respondents were asked to participate in a seven minute survey containing questions on the awareness and usage of betting shop services, with a focus on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs)
  •  Fieldwork was conducted between 24th May and 3rd June 2013
  •  501 interviews were conducted in total